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Here you can find all the details about the Lydia Stakepool

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Welcome to Lydia Stakepool

About The Stakepool

Ticker: LYDIA
Name: Lydia Pool
Pledge: 150,000 ADA
Fees: 340 ADA per epoch minimum fee
Pool Margin: 1.5%
ID: 95eb8ea6bd4ce4d44f27d969d6b6e58e7c24e85f999e1b513fc309f8

The block producing cardano node is run on a powerful bare metal server with:
AMD Ryzen 3 3200G QuadCore Processor
4TB of storage

The relays live on the cloud with the following specifications:
4 TB transfer

About The Person Behind The Stakepool

I am a data scientist working in Amsterdam, NL. Originally, I am from the lands where the coin money was first invented and the name of my stakepool is homage to the Lydian culture.

Before data science, I was working on understanding cultures and human cooperation from a complexity science point of view at the University of Irvine, California. I hold a PhD in Mathematical Behavioral Sciences. My studies were based on complex adaptive systems and as a result, I spent many summers doing research with my advisor at the Santa Fe Institute.

The relationship between complex systems and cryptocurrencies is quite strong but that brings us to…


I want to dedicate my stakepool to the advancement of complex adaptive systems.

To achieve this goal, I will donate 1/4th of my rewards earning to the Santa Fe Institute. I will make the donation under the name Lydia Pool and will update this website with all the donations made.

That means I still intend to make profit with the 3/4ths of my rewards earnings. With the current value of ADA, this means I will barely break even to keep the lights on. My cloud relay servers’ maintenance will be provided by these earnings. I, of course, do hope and expect the value of ADA to appreciate. In the fortunate event that this happens, the 3/4ths of the rewards will help me have a passive income to be able to go back to studying human cultures and complex systems with full financial freedom - which is the dream!

A Bit on the Connection Between Complex Adaptive Systems and Cryptocurrencies

Complex Adaptive Systems is the study of systems where parts that behave based on local rules end up creating higher level emergent systems. In such systems, the whole cannot be understood from the parts of the systems as in classical Newtonian mechanics. There are many such systems in the world where emergent phenomena occur bottom-up. Human societies, organism, groups of organisms, economy and markets, social networks are just a couple that immediately come to mind.

The Cardano Network is also a complex adaptive system. Each cardano node is run independently by a stakepool operator. These operators have their own goals and incentives. But when things align in the right way, the emergent system which is the total cardano network is a decentralized system. It is not controlled by any one person or institution yet it functions perfectly just like an organism. This is the revolutionary idea behind cryptocurrencies - the decentralization of money! I am happy to contribute to this goal by running the Lydia Stakepool.

If you are also aligned on this ideal, please consider delegating to Lydia Pool!

Reach me @Lydia Pool!

and let’s keep the human element in all of this. Send me a DM with a book recommendation and I’ll send you one in return!